European Transformation Leader

Founder & CEO GIFEW

My approach

is unique the way that I first calibrate the woman so her life is aligned around her purpose and she operates at the level of her potential. That allows her to move to next level of consciousness, then we can connect her based on her geometry to the constellation of Extraordinary women. In the Constellation every woman has own unique pace which enables women to align, unlock the synergies, create collaboration,
to bring the new culture to shift humanity.

Why is it important for a woman to have clarity in life and find her purpose?

Every woman can shine, fulfil her potential, create and live a fulfilled, authentic and integrated life. on her way to fulfil on her purpose and legacy. But as a first step she needs to calibrate, find her unique place and purpose and move to higher level of consciousness to fulfil her vision for the world.

Why should you know your unique configuration in the Constellation of Extraordinary Women?

Constellation of Extraordinary Women is designed in alignment with the geometry that operates powerfully and harmoniously in nature and specifically in the Atlantic Rainforest, one of the biggest biodiversity on Earth.

This geometry refers to the precise, optimal positioning of each individual woman in the Constellation, which both enhances and optimises the individual woman’s power as well as the power of the whole Constellation. When, as part of the Constellation of Extraordinary Women, we are aligned with the geometry of the rainforest, we vibrate our purpose in the world. This causes the highest level of convergence, collaboration and co-creation, and the highest level of effectiveness and power in fulfilling our purpose and establishing our legacy.

Modelling Atlantic Rainforest geometry represents a radical shift from an ‘either/or’, competitive, win-lose paradigm of to a new paradigm of ‘both/and’—collaboration, co- operation and synergy: the new culture.

The moment this geometry is in place, it opens a new gateway through which the new culture will be established.

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman,
you educate a generation.”

~ Brigham Young ~

Why did Sandra Epstein designed the Araretama essences – Extraordinary Line specially for Bea Benkova’s Constellation of Extraordinary Women?

Araretama Extraordinary is a unique line of essences, created exclusively for Bea and for Constellation of Extraordinary Women who are committed to making a difference in the world, who want to go beyond walking the path to change to being the path to change. Using Araretama Extraordinary individually allows for deep inner liberation and together as a group creates a new field of vibration, elevating group dynamics, integration and synchronicity. Essences bring the geometry of Atlantic rainforest allowing every woman to find her unique place on the planet and within the Constellation and expand consciousness.

“are no longer in the age of information we are in the age of integration.”

~ Gary Malkin ~
multiple Emmy award winning composer & producer,
speaker in the area of social change

Why should I bring forward the feminine qualities to my life?

Our current culture is one in which competition, individualism and the pursuit of domination as an expression of the survival of the fittest are over-emphasised, prized and encouraged as the default way of operating.

Humanity urgently needs a new culture to bring balance to this current model. This new culture is founded on the female-centric qualities of collaboration, co-operation, nurturing, service, circularity and a specific method of organization and structure, which take into account the diverse needs and requirements of all people and factors at play. These qualities promote the understanding of the vital importance of our diversity and inter-connectedness. It highlights the importance of the individual as well as the whole—which in turn strengthens the resilience and sustainability of everything we create.

Why Bea created GIFEW?

Bea founded Global Institute for Extraordinary Women as a global field that is dedicated to nurturing and developing the inherent qualities that tend to come naturally to women, and to empowering Extraordinary Women to deliver on a crucial service to humanity—a service from which those women will also derive deep personal fulfillment and joy.

Personal Coaching

Group Mentoring


Keynote speaking topics by Bea Benkova

Keynotes by Bea Benkova are for small pioneering groups, empowered networks and committed organisations
who are open and ready to expand their leadership perspective of what is possible
and cause real transformation through collaboration.

Bea Benkova is the founder and chairperson of the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women (GIFEW). A European transformational leader, Bea Benkova has been inspiring, empowering, coaching, connecting and mobilising leading women from around the world and all walks of life to be feminine, powerful, vital and wealthy and living to realise their purpose in collaboration, love and respect with men.

In front of an audience – whether opening open a conference, delivering a keynote speech or seminar at an event, Bea engages her visionary and inspirational style and a pioneering content to communicate new possibilities, awaken sleeping potential and call people into action.


Bea’s keynote topics related to new culture and women leadership

The keynote addresses and speeches can be tailored for your event and audience specifically.

Bea’s speaking experience & selected appearances

She is a long time transformational coach of extraordinary women around the world with rich speaking experience inspiring women as well as men to highlight the critical role and value of women in making difference in all aspect of business and society and promote the new culture of diversity and collaboration….this is both Bea’s passion and legacy.

Bea is an engaging speaker at conferences and on TV and radio shows, including:

  • Annual Harvard Business School Women Conference, Feb 2010, Boston
  • Fast Forward your Business, Sept 2013, London
  • Athena Network Conference, May 2013, London
  • Untangledfm, The Essence radio show hosted by Susie Heath, 2014, London
  • Inspired Women Conference, July 2013, Bratislava – Keynote speaker and opening the conference
  • Women for Women Conference, April 2013, Brno – Keynote speaker and opening the conference
  • Real Woman Forum Opening, March 2012, Bratislava – Keynote speaker and opening the conference